543 Torero Way has immense storage

Tons of storage

Can two people use up all the storage at 543 Torero Way? Ha. Not close. Bring all your stuff with you when you move in. You will be amazed how much storage you find here.

Basement storage

The basement ceiling is 10 feet high in some places. The basement is under the complete house. We’re on a pier. You can stack stuff up to the basement ceiling and find you need a ladder to reach it. You also have two doors. One is under the eating area and the other is under the garage.

Garage and interior storage

You can store stuff in the garage rafters. We store spare lumber up there. If you have a ladder and are not scared of heights, utilize the garage rafter storage space. We have a three car garage. The builder parked a Chevy Suburban in the garage. Our cars may look small in this post’s featured picture. Rest assured, our cars are normal size. The garage is huge.

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