Check out the 543 Torero Way updates

Updated appliances add value

Part of a home’s value includes updates the current or previous owners have done. At 543 Torero Way, you will find a wide range of updates. This has been our home for 14 years, remember. The kitchen has these updates:

  • Granite countertop.
  • Dual bowl sink.
  • Garbeurator (trash compactor).
  • Both ovens.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Nuke (microwave ovens).

All are in great condition. we buy high quality items and treat them well.

Updates outside the kitchen

As you tour our home, you will enjoy other updates, including:

  • Oak flooring in the living room.
  • Tile flooring in the den.
  • Carpeting. All the carpeting you see has been installed on our watch.
  • Ceiling fans. I am a big fan of the ceiling fan.
  • Exhaust fans in the attic and garage.

Exhaust fans? So…

Very well. Get ready for some good news. Exhaust fans in the attic and garage help push hot air out of the structure. They turn on and off automatically. They help make the garage and home more comfortable by pushing out hot air at ceiling height and pulling in cooler air at ankle height. We noticed the cooling difference after installing them. The summer heat isn’t as challenging when you have exhaust fans cycling cooler air through the house.

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