Cathedral ceiling

The elegance of 543 Torero Way shows its immense value

Elegance at your feet

543 Torero Way has real oak flooring. You will see it as soon as you walk in the front door. This is real oak. You walk on it and can feel the quiet and sturdiness of real oak. You know you’re on quality. This is not the fake wood laminate that echos footsteps like a crying baby. No. This real oak flooring absorbs sound and helps keep the elegance alive. Feel free to walk around barefoot. I do.

Elegance up above

After checking out the flooring, look up. The living room has high cathedral ceilings. They help you feel like you’re in an elegant and royal estate. You enjoy openness and breathability with high ceilings.

543 Torero Way also has updated ceiling fans. I am a big fan of ceiling fans. They help keep air moving, increase comfort and reduce load on the a/c. We have two a/c units here. We use both perhaps 10-15 days a year. The previous 12 months’ PG&E consumption charts are available at

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