The exterior is also elegant at 543 Torero Way

You will find coolness when you go outside

543 Torero Way has a natural canopy. Oaks, pines, cedars and dogwoods help create shade and reduce temps. Some parts of the backyard are in the shade from 12 noon onward. During the summer months, our backyard is 6-8 degrees cooler than temps reported at Sacramento’s airport. Seems the trees are doing their job.

The western border has a creek. When its raining and the creek is flowing, you get the pleasant sounds of running water over rocks. The sooner the California drought ends, the sooner the creek resumes sending water downhill and creating beautiful running water sounds.

Gardens are alive

We have a built-in irrigation system. This helps send water to the plants with surgical precision. We water exactly what we want to water. Very little wastage here. The irrigation system is computer controlled. Watering happens during the early morning hours, before the sun and heat come up. This helps plants absorb water while also reducing evaporation. Watering occurs in accordance with El Dorado County’s current watering mandates.

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