Folsom Lake access

Yes, Folsom Lake is still there

Maybe you’ve heard about the California drought. Lakes and rivers are running dry. That is happening in some areas. However, we still have a Folsom Lake. I take our dog swimming every so often. I swim there as part of my triathlon training. Folsom Lake is only a 5 minute walk straight north.

Perhaps you want to take the long route and see some neighbors. That is ok. Some neighbors just seem to be outside more often than others. You will add a few minutes to your lake visit, but you can catch up with your newest friends and neighbors.


Getting back to business, we are in a drought. Make sure you conserve water. The sprinklers are computer controlled and the heads are highly tweaked. we waste very little water here. I watch the water bills like a hawk. I can present the irrigation system control panel on your orientation. Follow my settings and you will be ok. The gardens will get sufficient water and you will have reasonable water bills. We’re all in this drought together.

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