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Morning dog walk turns into a turkey chase

I walk our Bernese Mountain Dog, Daphne, around the block every morning. This … Read More

Tons of storage

Can two people use up all the storage at 543 Torero Way? Ha. Not close. Bring all your stuff … Read More

Yes, Folsom Lake is still there

Maybe you’ve heard about the California drought. Lakes and rivers are running dry. That is … Read More

543 Torero Way is in a safe and social neighborhood

Shortly after we moved here, neighbors started introducing themselves. Many have … Read More

Updated appliances add value

Part of a home’s value includes updates the current or previous owners have done. At 543 Torero … Read More

How much for utilities?

That is a fair question. I am adding screen captures showing electricity and natural gas consumption and … Read More

Everybody knows your name

In our neighborhood, everybody knows your name and what you do. That is part of the strong … Read More

Elegance at your feet

543 Torero Way has real oak flooring. You will see it as soon as you walk in … Read More

You will find coolness when you go outside

543 Torero Way has a natural canopy. Oaks, pines, cedars and dogwoods help create … Read More