Safe and social neighborhood

543 Torero Way is in a safe and social neighborhood

Shortly after we moved here, neighbors started introducing themselves. Many have military or law enforcement experience. They help keep the neighborhood safe. 543 Torero Way also has an alarm system. We do not turn it on all the time. I have left the garage door open all day. Nothing disappears. My dog wanders the neighborhood when I am outside washing the car. She returns in one piece. Whatever my neighbors are doing to keep the neighborhood safe, it must work. We do not have the nonsense crime that you read about in other neighborhoods.

Part of the safety involves knowing each other. Our neighborhood has Labor Day picnics every year. We also have had progressive New Years, Cinco deMayo and Halloween parties. Throw  in a big birthday or graduation and before you know it, you know all your neighbors. I am also proud to report I am on good terms with all my immediate neighbors.


We also have had the same USPS postal carrier since at least 2001. We all know Jacqui will get our mail to us and do so with a cheerful smile. sometimes you can hear her little  USPS delivery truck when it is four houses away. She truly is pleasant. I hope you meet her quickly.

Not automatic

Safe and social is not automatic. Only a strong neighborhood where everybody knows your name can set and meet that expectation.

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