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Turkey Chase

Morning dog walk turns into a turkey chase

I walk our Bernese Mountain Dog, Daphne, around the block every morning. This is a routine event. Everybody needs exercise. That includes our canine friends. Last Wednesday’s  walk was not as routine as most.

Turkey taunter

Daphne and I were approximately 100 yards from home. This is where I take off the leash, throw a tennis ball and let Daphne chase it. This morning, I threw the tennis ball. Daphne chased the tennis ball. A turkey came out of nowhere and chased Daphne. Within a few seconds, Daphne reached the tennis ball, caught it in her mouth and began her victory dance. She looked back only to find the turkey in her face, doing some kind of taunting dance.

We’ll see about that

Daphne was not amused. She chased the turkey across the street. They made quite the commotion as the turkey hobbled up the hill and Daphne followed in close pursuit. They disappeared. I climbed the hill looking for both. Could not find them.

Five minutes later, Daphne emerged. She had that, “I had so much fun! Where were you?” look on her face. Daphne was safe and sound. I took her home. I do not know what happened to the turkey.

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