What are the neighbors like?

Everybody knows your name

In our neighborhood, everybody knows your name and what you do. That is part of the strong neighborly bonds we enjoy here. We think it is a hidden benefit to moving into 543 Torero Way. Here is a snapshot of neighbors within a one-minute walk.

  • Charley is a Minister. He was the musical director for a prominent church. He now helps run a traveling church. They visit high schools and theaters, set up on Saturdays and run services on Sundays. The following week, they do it all again at another site.
  • Susannah just graduated high school and took a two week trip to Europe. We remember when she was in grade school. We remember when she helped us stuff envelopes for a marketing campaign. We remember when she first learned to drive. They grow up fast, don’t they?
  • Jim and Mary are retired teachers. They home school their grand kids and travel now more than ever. They say they have never been happier.

Open space

Two nearby lots are open. These open lots help create a sense of openness. You do not feel like you’re jammed into a sardine can. You really have room to breathe and walk. One lot fails the perk test, which tests the soil’s ability to absorb water. Nobody can get a building permit there. Another nearby lot is a memorial for the owner’s son. He said he will never develop it. This remains undeveloped.

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