What is a HOA?

HOA fees, explained for the common person

HOA is an acronym for Home Owners Association. Many neighborhoods have Home Owners Associations to protect common elements and enforce regulations. Local HOAs maintain front yards, security gates and landscaping. Some go as far as enforce local regulations for such items as making sure your garage door is closed at the mandatory time, approving any landscaping you want to do or just making sure you don’t have a car in the driveway for too long.

Where they get their money

HOAs raise revenue from, you guessed it, neighborhood homeowners. Some subdivisions automatically charge your HOA fees and then assess fines for keeping a boat in the driveway, removing a tree or using the wrong shade of paint.

You will not have to worry about an HOA or HOA fees at 543 Torero Way. There is no HOA here. Life is easier and you get to pocket some cash.

Come visit 543 Torero Way

You just have to see it for yourself. Friends and family are consistently amazed at our beauty. Call (916) 337-4989 today for a private showing.

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